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    ESXi V4 & VSPhere Memory Total Capacity Reported Wrong?!

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      Hi all,



      Cringing apolies, I'm a newbie to the community although not to the product range. In fact, I'm sitting a VSphere V4 course at the moment and the instructor mentioned the communities in today's lesson. I've got an (demo licensed) ESXi V4 box sitting on an 'old' Intel Dual Core 2.4Ghz with 2Gb RAM on a desktop class motherboard made by MSI. It is being managed by a (demo licensed) VSPhere server which is actually being run through VMServer 2.0 on another box. Enough scene setting for now though....



      I'd noticed some issues getting VMs to power up on the ESXI box. When I switch to the Summary tab for the host it lists "2043.62Mb" under memory capacity. Without any VMs powered on it says the usage is 723Mb. I get and accept that this is the overhead that the hypervisor causes, although it does feel a little high. Howeer, for some reason on the "Resource Allocation" tab it is only reporting 129Mb Total Capacity...Surely this number should be ~1300Mb as the difference between the 2Gb availabe and the ~700Mb being used by the system?!



      What am I doing wrong? Am I just misinterpretting the results (although the fact I'm having difficulty powering on VMs surely justifies my doubt!?) or ESXi just not seeing all the memory?






      Help!! (Please?)