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    cannot clone VM - broken pipe

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      I'm trying to move a vmware server 2 VM to ESXi 4.0.0 (my apologies, i could not find a ESXi 4 dicussion section).



      I shut down the VM guest os on vmware server 2 and copied the VM directory over to the ESXi server (from the ESXI unsupported console, using scp).



      Following this i  tried to use vmkfstools -i /path/myvm/myvm.vmdk /path/clonedvm/myvm.vmdk to clone the machine so i could then import it into ESXi (by creating a new vm and using the newly cloned disk).



      While this worked on my linux VMs, on a windows XP SP2 vm i tried (i tried 2 seperate ones) i got the error:



      Failed to open '/path/myvm/myvm.vmdk': Broken Pipe (2097161).



      If i try to create new VM from the vSphere client and use the existing myvm.vmdkdisk I get the same broken pipe error.



      Restarting the physical ESXi server did not help.



      The guest VMs are version 7 and use the BusLogic controller.



      Any help is appreciated.