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    Adding Virtual Centre License

    Uch Novice


      Sorry Lads might be a daft question but I'm trying to add a license for my evaluation copy of vc 2.5 and I'm having a few problems, are there any simple instructions for doing this ( an idiots guide type of thing )






      Many thanks



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            nirvy Master


            Assuming you already have your license file, do the following:



            On your license server, copy the license file to \program files\vmware\vmware license server\licenses



            Run services.msc and restart the VMware License Server.



            Next in Virtual Center, click the Administration menu ->VirtualCenter Management Server Configuration



            Select License Server (first page) and choose the settings that are

            best for your environment. (e.g. use license services on this VC if

            license server is installed there, or put in the remote host if its on

            another host, etc.)






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              Uch Novice

              I've tried this but it tells me that the license is incorrect, so I presume I've got the wrong license and it's not me making the mistake

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                nirvy Master


                Odd, Have you opened the license? you should be able to see what features you are entitled to (at the top in comments) and when/if they expire(further down)






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