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    Technology Exchange Developer Day - Introduction to the vSphere Webservices SDK

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      We are happy to announce about our hands-on demo at Technology Exchange Developer Day 2009, Introduction to the vSphere Webservices SDK


      Presenter: Steve Jin


      Demo ID: DS-13


      Time: 9:45 - 10:45 AM



      This lab will provide hands-on training for developers to integrate their applications with VMware environments

      to automate and extend it. The participants will have their choice of using Java or C#. Attendees will walk away

      from the lab with a better understanding of VMware vSphere, resources for using the SDK, and the essential skills

      for building the most common types of integrations. Exercises will cover triggering tasks, examining VM attributes, performing

      actions on many VMs simultaneously, and exporting performance data. This lab requires some basic programming experience, ideally in C# or Java.