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    megaraid_sas disks inaccessible after loading vtd module.

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      I'm building a new ESXi4 server with VT-x and VT-d capabilties and an LSI megaraid 8344ELP raid controller. The disks work fine with VT-d disabled in the BIOS but after turning on VT-d, ESXi is unable to access the disks.


      After loading the vtd module the following errors appear in the messages log:


      WARNING: VTD: 1756: IOMMU Unit # 3: R/W  = 0, Device 033:08.0 Faulting PA = 0x214ae9000 Fault Reason =  2

      LVM: 3543: Could not open device naa.600605b0003de930121870e096eb4972:1, vol : No such partition on target


      Disk access can be restored by unloading the vtd module and is lost again when the module is loaded.


      One of the reasons I want to upgrade to ESXi4 is because I want to use DirectPath so turning VT-d off is not really an option.


      Is there any way I can make VT-d work together with my raid controller?