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    VCP3 Passed yesterday

    knapman Lurker


      Absolutely delghted to have passed! Been studying on and off for the last few months but put in loads of work the last week and I'm a mixture of relieved and elated to pass!



      I attended the IaC course at the beginning of last year but my organisation only started using all the features of VI3 this year (we only had one host up until then). The course and the on the job experience makes a big difference as it gives a greater undertsanding of how things work rather than remembering a lot of facts and figures. I also found creating ESX servers in VMs to be a handy way to break/fix things.



      Is there anything I need to do for the certificate to be sent out? When I look at 'my enrolements' it doesn't show my course last year. Could this cause confusion or a delay?