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    Any new backup VM Solutions - ESX 3.5

    Stevester Enthusiast

      Good Evening Everyone,


      Would anyone happen to know of any new backup solutions? I have searched the internet and have yet to find one. I have some production VM's which need backing up and i have yet to find a reliable solution. I would prefer a free one but if i have to spend then i will spend.



      The ones i am aware of are





      1) Veeam- commercial





      2) ESXpress - commercial





      3) ghettoVCB.sh- havent had much success when running from a CRON job - all VM's dont backup. A manual run works properly




      4) VMWare Data Recovery - not working properly as many have attested to





      5) VMWare VCB - would like to try from a Windows environment






















      Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!!!!!!!

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