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    Host Firmware

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      Is there a way to get ESX 3.5 host firmware levels with PowerCli?





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          LucD Guru
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          What exactly do you mean with "firmware level" ?

          Firmware level is something I know for ESXi.

          Or do you mean the build version of ESX ?


          Is it shown in the VIC ?

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            houghtp Hot Shot

            sorry, i mean things like ROM, NIC, Array controller...

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              LucD Guru
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              Afaik this information is not available through any of the PowerCLI cmdlets nor through the APIs.

              What you could do is to use the plink.exe command and launch a command in the COS that returns this kind of information.

              The following script shows for example how to launch the dmesg command in the COS and captures the output in a PowerShell variable.

              $User = <ESX-account>
              $Pswd = <ESX-password>
              $Computer = <ESX-hostname>
              $plink = "<Putty directory>\plink.exe"
              $plinkoptions = " -v -batch -pw $Pswd"
              $cmd1 = 'sudo -u root /bin/dmesg'
              $remoteCommand = '"' + $cmd1 + '"'
              $command = $plink + " " + $plinkoptions + " " + $User + "@" + $computer + " " + $remoteCommand
              $msg = Invoke-Expression -command $command 
              # Extract the required info from the $msg variable

              Of course you need to set up sudo in the COS correctly to be able to do this!

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                houghtp Hot Shot

                Ok cheers Luc thought it was a long shot but that will get me what I need.