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    securing 2 DataCenters from each other in VirtualCenter2.5

    pearlyshells Expert


      I currently have one (1) DataCenter setup in VirtualCenter 2.5U4.  This is our true Production VI3 environment (with ESX3.5Up4 Hosts).   Our VirtualCenter and Hosts are all situated behind a hardware firewall (Management network side).   



      We want to virtualize our Production DMZ servers and then place the DMZ hosts in the same protected environment that our other Non-DMZ ESX hosts reside in.  However, I'd like the DMZ servers to be totally secured from the other ESX Hosts.   To me, this implies the creation of 2 separate DataCenters in VirtualCenter.  Is that correct?   And, if so, how can I secure the DataCenters from eachother so that I can assure our Security Team that there will never be any "cross-contamination".