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    MSCS on EVA Storage

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      OK Blonde moment :S



      I have been attempting to configure a 2k3 MSCS Clusteron ESX 3.5 with EVA back end storage - I have done this loads of time but this is my first one on EVA Storage.  things have got so bad I even resorted to reading the Documenation









      two Windows 2K3 R2 VMs created on local storage on two seperate machines,  two Raw LUNs have been provisioned and presented to both ESX hosts.  the LUNS can be seen by the two desired hosts.






      now when I add the LUN to the guest I add the disk as a Physical RDM on a seperate channel (1.0)  RDM appears in the Guest on a seperate controller as expected.  the trouble starts when I try to add the disk to the second Win2k3 server.  the LUN is not available,  the same issue is the procedure is reversed and the second VM is selected first.






      Host - ESX 3.5 U4



      Hardware - BL685 G4



      Storage EVA 4400


















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