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    Visual C++ runtime error

    dingding Expert

      when i right click a VM, and select export, i get a error as attached, i have install and enable the plugin, my vcenter installation directory is d:, does this matter?

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          vmroyale Guru



          The following is taken from the VMware vCenter Converter Release Notes:


          >Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library error message is displayed during import or export of a machine

          >If a user environment has versions of VI Client 2.5 Update 1, Update 2, Update 3, or Update 4 that coexist with vSphere Client 4.0, and you install the vCenter Converter 4.1.0 client plug-in, when you start the vCenter Converter Import or Export wizard, the >vSphere Client session is terminated abruptly. An OpenSSL DLL conflict between the VI Client versions and the vCenter Converter 4.1.0 client plug-in causes this problem.

          >Workaround: Go to the Launcher folder in the VI Client install directory, for example, C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\Virtual Infrastructure Client\Launcher, and delete the following DLL files from that location:



          • * libeay32.dll


          • ssleay32.dll


          >For this workaround to function correctly, you also need to ensure that no additional copies of OpenSSL DLL files with different versions exist in the system path.


          Good Luck!

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            dingding Expert

            ok now, thanks a lot

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              AlexBook Lurker


              Good morning



              I have same problem ...   And when I try the solution, the problem is always here ...



              Have you an another solution ?






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                kattrap Enthusiast

                Replying for postarity... we went with installing on a clean system rather than lookup every other dll file that might be the cause of the error. Like Alex, even after removing any extranious links to those two specific dlls we were unable to get it to run.