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    Problems Accessing ESXi 4.0 with Dell OpenManage 6.1

    bluntTony Lurker


      Hi there,



      I'm pretty new to VMWare so I'm just looking for some pointers. I am basically trying enable management of my ESXi 4.0 host with OpenManage 6.1. Now, I have read this post from start to end: http://communities.vmware.com/thread/220783?tstart=0 with no joy. What I have done is:



      1. Installed the free Dell Customised installer for ESXi 4.0 on my PowerEdge 2950.



      2. Applied patch release ESXi400-200906001. Rebooted the host.



      3. Installed the vSphere CLI tool on my local machine, and used it to apply the Dell OpenManage Offline Bundle and VIB for ESXi 4.0, using vihostupdate. This completed successfully. Rebooted the host.



      4. Set CIMOEMProvidersEnabled = 1 in the Advanced Software Configuration section using the vSphere client. Rebooted the host.



      5. Downloaded and installed the Dell OpenManage Server Administrator Managed Node on my WIndows 7 workstation. I then open this, and attempt to login to the host.



      The error I'm getting is 'LOGIN FAILED....INTERNAL ERROR'



      I'm at a bit of a dead end now! Any pointers on how to troubleshoot would be great. Please bear in mind I'm a complete newcomer to this!



      Thanks in advance...



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