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    Upgrading to ESX 4

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      I was wondering if anyone in the area has started an upgrade to ESX 4 yet? Just trying to get a feel for where everyone is at and if they are running into similar challenges that we (at Regions) are. The majority of our boxes are blades with 10GB boot luns on the SAN (which in hind site I'm not sure was a good idea - but that ship is way out to sea..) and the main problem I'm running into is that the host update utility can't recreate the entire partition since it stanges to the existing drive then creates the new VMFS datastore to store the VMDK for the service console on. In our case we are getting to reload 60 ESX hosts manually.. oh what fun. Our upgrade just went from a couple days to at least a week long because of the load times through ILO's (no CD on Blades).





      What challenges are you running into? Please share.









      Jonathon Fitch

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              Sounds like we are doing some of the very same things. We are 100% boot from SAN also. We have not made the move to ESX 4 yet but I am planning to make the move before the year is out. I am trying to get more information from users on their ESX 4 experiance before I take the plunge. I would like to see and possible open up a dialog with you and see where you are in the ESX 4 process and also about the upgrade process that you mentioned. If your interested in sharing info please let me know.






          Chris Koskodan



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            I don't mind sharing at all. We are done upgrading actually. The gotcha we

            ran into was that since we only used a 10 GB boot drive and used the entire

            drive for the service console when I tried to upgrade it errored out that I

            didn't have enough free space to upgrade. During the upgrade it creates a

            virtual disk for a new service console but with no space it can't do it and

            have a place to copy the upgrade files. We ended up having to reload all of

            our boot from SAN boxes sadly.


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