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    Manage ESX2.5.3 Server with VC 2.5 U5

    DSchack Novice


      Our problem is, that we currently have two environments: the old one witch contains 6x ESX 2.5.3 servers and 1x VC 1.3.1 and the new one with 4x ESX 3.0.3 servers and 1x VC 2.5 U5.



      Now we are trying to manage all ESX servers in one VC 2.5 but every time we try to add one of the ESX 2.5.3 server, we get an error message, that we don't have enough licences for this operation!



      Does anyone has an idea how to solve this problem?



      Thanks in advanced







      PS: We don't want to upgrade from VC1.3.1 to VC2.5 we only want to manage the ESX 2.5.3 servers which are currently manged with 1.3.1 with the same VC 2.5 Server which manages our 3.0.3 ESX servers.