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    Is it possible - Question on disconnect after remoting in

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      I'm going to do my best to summarize this but it's going to be hard for folks to get this picture.



      I'm have a VM Session hosted.  User A connects to that session.  He closes the session using the X on the ribbon bar (Needs to leave session running as there is an automated script running)






      If user A tries to connect back to it - it tries to log him in again.  So my theory is since this is XP Professional when he closes the session using the X in the upper right hand corner - its actually locking the screen or leaving it locked rather because if I bring up my management console the screen is locked.  XP does this natively I understand but how would one go about getting around this?  I supposed I could turn on VNC and have him go in that way but it kills the entire VDI piece of it