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    Performance Overview Tab Errors

    jdudmesh2 Novice

      I have vCenter server on a public IP address. Everything works fine except for the Performance Overview. After much fiddling I've made it work by adding a line to my drivers\etc\hosts file with the vCenter server IP address. It looks like the VI client is calling the webservices using the host name and not the FQDN. I've tried changing the web services URL in the vCenter server config (advanced settings) but this doesn't seem to make any difference.


      Any thoughts on how to fix this?

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          Hot Shot




          What is th eerror that you get in Performance tab? Are you using vCenter 4.0?












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            jdudmesh2 Novice

            Yes, it's vCenter 4.0. The error is an Internet Explorer error - either Navigation Cancelled or Web Page Cannot be Displayed.

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              Hot Shot


              This might be because the hostname/IP of vCenter Server is not being resolved.



              Please check this xml file to see whether the correct IP/hostname of VC is listed: C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\VirtualCenter Server\extensions\com.vmware.vim.stats.report\extension.xml






              Also, could you paste following URL in your IE browser and check results: https://<hostname/IP of VC&gt;:&lt;TCP Port like 8443&gt;/statsreport/vicr.do




              Please accept the security warnings that pops up.












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                jdudmesh2 Novice

                Thanks - updating the XML file and restarting the services seems to have solved the problem.


                many thanks,



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                  jsalinas2323 Lurker

                  My XML file was correct but for some reason the Tomcat service was stopped.  Restarted the service and this resolved my issue.  Easy fix, always like those.

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                    arakelian Enthusiast
                    VMware Employees


                    The reason I had this problem was because my vSphere Client was in a totally separate domain from vCenter Server. The fix was to change the URL in the following file on the vCenter Server machine, as someone else has already suggested:



                    C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\VirtualCenter Server\extensions\com.vmware.vim.stats.report\extension.xml



                    In my case, the host name was correct and fully qualified, but I had to change the domain part of it to be the same domain as my vSphere Client. This worked okay because the AD for the vCenter Server's domain could do forwarding to resolve the name.



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                      hansenc Enthusiast


                      I'm having this same issue, getting a page cannot be displayed error from within my vSphere Client from my ISA Proxy.






                      Tried the address just in internet explorer and get-



                      Perf Charts service experienced and internal error.

                      function toggleDetailsMsg() {

                      var toggleLink = document.getElementById('toggleDetailsLink');

                      var el = document.getElementById('detailsId');

                      if ( el.style.display != 'none' ) {

                      el.style.display = 'none';



                      else {

                      el.style.display = '';

                      toggleLink.childNodes[0].nodeValue='Hide Details:';


                      return false;

                      }|!http://communities.vmware.com/img/error.png!|Perf Charts service experienced and internal error.

                      View details for more information.|



                      Details: \



































                      So it seems to be loading not sure if it should give an error within internet explorer or load something.









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                        hansenc Enthusiast


                        Started to do a little more troubleshooting this morning and i'm watching my logging from wthin our firewall and the url its trying to access is-



                        Request: GET









                        Failed Connection                Attempt

                        *TPAPSVFTMG01 9/8/2009 10:19:09


                        Log type: Web

                                       Proxy (Forward)


                        *10061 No connection could be made because the target machine

                                       actively refused it.

                        Rule: Allow Protected Networks

                        Source: Internal (

                        Destination: Local Host


                        Request: GET


                        Filter information: Req ID: 0c59cf13

                        Protocol: http







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                          ShaneMartin Lurker

                          Changing this entry worked a treat.

                          Thanks for the tip.

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                            JJ_Cain Novice


                            {After much fiddling I've made it work by adding a line to my drivers\etc\hosts file...}






                            where is this file with the IP address of the vCenter server located? what is the full direcotry path?






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                              ShaneMartin Lurker


                              Go to



                              C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\VirtualCenter Server\extensions\com.vmware.vim.stats.report\extension.xml





                              Re: Performance Overview Tab Errors

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                                Petzi02 Lurker


                                My problem was slightly different.



                                From what I can understand the VMWare client must download the graphs.charts in some sort of HTML files to your local PC. Once this is done it opens a internet browser window(perhaps internet explorer) and looks at you PC local IP address to load the content. This caused problems with our proxy server. Details below



                                On my PC(not the vSphere server) when using our companies proxy(in IE) the Performance overview tab does not work. Instead I get a proxy page stating access is denied. It seems that the VMWare client displays the performance graphs/charts using a internet browser window component. This component gets its proxy settings from IE. Another thing to note is that unlike IE and Firefox this browser component in VMWare does not do NTLM authentication. Therefore if your proxy server is like our and locked down to certain users etc... it will block these unauthenticated proxy requests.



                                The temporary fix for me is to disable the IE proxy setting before opening the VMWare client and then the Performance overview tabs works.



                                The permanent fix will be for us to either.



                                1. Allow unauthenticated proxy requests to local addresses.



                                2. Update our proxy pac file so that when it sees local IPs(list below) then to bypass the proxy as they are internal sites that don't need proxy caching and security/monitoring.



                                "",  ""

                                "",  ""

                                "",  ""

                                "",  ""



                                I am going for option 2.



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                                  JJ_Cain Novice

                                  Thanks for the update. I will try this as well.

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                                    Adminafterwork Enthusiast


                                    Dear gents



                                    I corrected my host settings in C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\VirtualCenter Server\extensions\com.vmware.vim.stats.report\extension.xml, restarted services.



                                    checked config of vcenter advanced settings, host resolution is also working.






                                    But I couldn't soolve that problem, THANK YOU FOR ANY FURTHER TIPS !









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