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    Here is patch for Workstation 6.5.2 on Linux 2.6.31 kernel

    Krellan Enthusiast

      I'm pleased to announce an updated patch.  I found some more time to work on it, and there's two big improvements:


      1) It's "universal".  It works for Linux 2.6.29, and Linux 2.6.30, and Linux 2.6.31!


      2) Your VMware module files no longer need to be restored from backup, after a failed upgrade.  The patch script is now much smarter about backing up the files that it changes.  It uses checksums to make sure that it is seeing the original VMware Workstation 6.5.2 files, and when those files are found, it backs them up to a place that it uses for all future runs.  The script is now idempotent: it's OK to run it more than once, it will have the same effect.


      Here are 2 files, attached.


      There's the shell script, and the patch file.


      Download both of these files, to the same directory.


      Then, run the script, as root.  (Check it first, unless you REALLY trust me not to put some kind of rootkit in there!)


      su        <-- become root

      bash ./vmware-6.5.2-newkernmods.sh        <-- run the script


      I tested it, and it worked, on these 3 kernels:




      Linux 2.6.31-rc3


      This is only for VMware Workstation 6.5.2.  It won't work on any older version.

      It's only for the host OS.  It won't work on the guest OS (VMWare Tools).

      It won't work on VMware Player.

      It won't work on VMware Server.


      Do let me know if this works successfully for you!

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