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    Technology Exchange - Developer Day Session - Reducing application development time - VMware ThinApp

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      Just wanted to let everyone know we just added the ThinApp session to our upcoming Tech Exchange - Developer Day @VMworld 2009.

      Visit our website for more information, look forward to seeing you there.




      Session ID DE-06

      Session Title: Reducing application development time through VMware ThinApp


      Learn how agent-less application virtualization can help you package  your application once and deploy virtually anywhere, many times.  This session will provide an overview of how VMware ThinApp can help eliminate application conflicts, reduce application deployment cost, improve delivery time amd streamline application update and patching without interrupting end users.  We will also discuss integration opportunities we are thinking about and solicit your feedback.

      Level Beginner




      Dean Flaming has spent many years in design, setup, monitoring, maintenance and repair of hardware, software, including virtualized systems and applications.  His specialty and focus at VMware is in application packaging with ThinApp but also loves combining that knowledge with his extensive scripting and server based computing backgrounds to provide a unique solution for customers