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    Technology Exchange - Developer Day Session Update -  vSphere APIs for Performance Monitoring

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      Folks - this is one of our highest rated sessions. Take a look at the Session from our last Technology Exchange event in Orlando Florida, watch the video.


      Event information, register today: http://communities.vmware.com/community/developer/techexchange


      Session # VS-04


      Session Title vSphere APIs for Perfomance Monitoring


      Session Abstract:

      Understand the features available to developers via vSphere Web Services APIs to

      collect performance statistics and discuss best practices in collecting performance

      data when using these APIs.  This presentation is a must-attend for any developer

      that retrieves performance information from the vSphere platform in any large environment.

      While the content is advanced, developers new to the platform will find it useful.

      Level: Advanced



      Ravi Soundararajan

      Staff Engineer Performance Team