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    Technology Exchange Developer Day Session Update: Integration Best Practices for vSphere Web Services SDK

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      Session # VS-03

      Register: http://communities.vmware.com/community/developer/techexchange/register

      Session Abstract:


      vSphere Web Services APIs provide the interfaces

      to programmatically manage the vSphere platform. As with any SDK, there are

      many subtleties associated with the vSphere API usage as well. This session

      explains the best practices with specific use cases, with special focus on the

      new features introduced in SDK 4.0. Application designers and developers will

      find the content quite useful in various usage scenarios. This is an advanced

      level session, so it assumes that the attendees have some familiarity with the


      Level Advanced




      Parimi, Sr. MTS, Ecosystem Engineering


      Balaji has been with VMware for 2 years focused on helping partners create solutions

      based on the vSphere platform. Balaji has a Masters degree in Software Engineering

      and has been an industry veteran since 1998. When Balaji is not working with partners

      on solutions you can find him on the Volley Ball court practicing his serves.