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    Definitive information regarding the scoring for the VCP Exam

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      Hello all,



      We often get questions about the way the VCP Exam is scored, they number of items, is the score a percentage, etc.  Read on!



      The current number of items on the VCP exam is 75, with a 70 required to pass.  The passing score is not a raw 70 (example:  70 out of 75), and it is not really a percentage of the items (example:  53 out of 75), it is what is called a scaled score.  A scaled score is calculated using a mathematical formula that considers a variety of factors, including the number and type of exam questions included in a specific version of the exam.  Because this combination may vary in different versions of the same examination, scaled scores provide a fair score for each individual based on the version of the exam they took.



      Now I am sure everyone knows that we periodically release new versions of the exam as items become obsolete or as needed to address new features in the same revision.  This is how the exam remains consistent with the latest updates.  These varying versions of the exam have different combinations of questions and is why we take the approach of using a scaled score.



      Hope this helps!


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