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    installing dell openmanage 6.1 on esxi 4.0 (released.)

    LucasAlbers Expert


      I noticed that dell open manage was available for download:



      Dell OpenManage VIB for ESXi 4.0






      On the installation directions it lists:



      Custom Instructions for oem-dell-openmanage-esxi_6.1-0000.zip:



      1) Download the appropriate RCLI (Remote Command Line Interface) package from http://www.vmware.com/download/ depending on whether your system is running on Microsoft Windows or Linux.

      2) Copy the Dell OpenManage bundle to a directory on your system.

      3) Use the vihostupdate command. If you are using Microsoft Windows, navigate to the folder where you have installed the RCLI utilities to use this command. If you are using Linux, this command is installed when you install the RCLI RPM .

      4) Execute the command Vihostupdate -- server -i -b .

      5) The command output displays a successful or a failed update.


      You must enable CIM OEM providers on the VMware ESXi 4 system after installing the Dell OpenManage bundle to manage a system with Dell OpenManage Server Administrator.


      Using vSphere Client to Enable CIM OEM Providers:

      To enable CIM OEM providers using VMware vSphere Client, you need to have the vSphere Client tool installed. You can download and install the tool from http://where is the IP address of the VMware ESXi 4 system.


      To enable CIM OEM providers on the VMware ESXi 4 system using vSphere Client:

      1) Log on to the VMware ESXi 4 system in which vSphere Client is installed.

      2) Click the Configuration tab.

      3) Under the Software section on the left side, click Advanced Settings.

      4) In the Advanced Settings dialog box, click "UserVars" on the left pane.

      5) Change the value of the "CIMOEMProvidersEnabled" field to 1.

      6) Click OK.

      7) Restart your system for the change to take effect. Use the Summary tab in vSphere Client to restart the system.






      So I downloaded the zip.



      Put the system in maintenance.



      Attempt to update via vihostupdate.pl, which gives the error:



      unpacking e:\oem-dell-openmanage-esxi_6.1-0000.zip ...

      metadata.zip.sig does not exist

      signature mismatch : metadata.zip

      Unable to unpack update package.



      I verified the zip files are valid.



      I am patching from a windows 2003 system. I am running esxi build 175625.






      It appears the hp cim patch has the same issue:









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