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    understanding vmkernel log messages

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      Hi folks,



      I've had some performance problem in my VM's and looking in the logs files I've found this weird message:



      Can someone explain to me whats this (in red, below) vml.xxxxxxxxxxxxx means? Is a datastore? Path?






      Jun 28 12:57:08 xxx vmkernel: 91:06:35:45.562 cpu3:1036)WARNING: SCSI: 4541: Delaying failover to path vmhba2:3:74

      Jun 28 12:57:08 xxx vmkernel: 91:06:35:45.563 cpu3:1027)SCSI: 5270: vml.02004a000060060160391e21006fc76fe1bf66dd11524149442035

      : Cmd failed. Blocking device during path failover.

      Jun 28 12:57:08 xxx vmkernel: 91:06:35:45.566 cpu3:1051)WARNING: SCSI: 4559: Manual switchover to path vmhba2:3:74 begins.







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          The long red hex might represent your volume name or something i'm not sure but looking at the log, seems like it having problems with your SAN being able to failovered and it uses manual method to switched over. I would look at esxtop to check out any performance problems with disk I/O otherwise check with your SAN guy to specific LUN/hosts. You can use disk I/O monitoring tool such as IOMeter to check things out.


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            The vml.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is your LUN path. There is a powershell script (http://www.peetersonline.nl/index.php/vmware/translate-vml-to-lun-path-with-powershell/) which does the translation for you, however you already have the effected LUN Path (and therefore the datastore) in the vmkernel logs, i.e. vmhba2:3:74 in your case.



            As the other poster mentioned it looks like you are having trouble failing over to this path for some reason.



            Kind regards,