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    VCP3 - I failed :(

    graterbvcp Lurker

      I can't believe it.  I studied for 3 months and used work as a backdrop

      for my hands on experience.  The actual test was far different than the

      practice test.


      I thought I was following the blueprint, but the questions seemed extremely

      specific in the actual test.   In the practice

      test it seems that you need to find the exact answer vs. the actual test in

      which the object is to find the least wrong answer.




      What am I missing?

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          Troy Clavell Guru

          well first off, don't worry, you are not the first one who failed, you now know what you need to study up on to be stronger for the next.






          A couple places with helpful information



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            weinstein5 Guru

            Sorry to hear that - as Troy said you are not the first - but you know have a step up for the next time you take the exam you have a sense of what the questions are - my advice continuing reviewing the information you have been including the blueprint and check the sites Troy recommended - Good Luck





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              AndreTheGiant Guru

              The exam seems to be more difficult (and deep) when I've done it.

              I know some people that haven't pass it at the first try.


              Be sure to study the official VMware documentation (http://www.vmware.com/support/pubs/vi_pages/vi_pubs_35u2.html), make some lab, and have a look other post (in VCP section) for other suggestion.



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                AJ Master

                sorry to hear that....hit it hard next time....bext of luck in advance...i would suggest you to keep things simple...simplicity will make u win easily......read the relevant pdf's and the study material and u shud be through...jst make sure u r clear on ur basics......





                Anil Gupta

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                  DLeid Expert


                  From many of the posts I've seem of those that have retaken the exam they had done much better with really high scores. You now know what your up against, so that won't go back to the exam with you.  Like the post above says: keep it simple, stick to the basics and get as much face time as you can with Virtual Center.






                  Good Luck on your next seating. I know you going to do much better.




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                    AndreTheGiant Guru

                    From many of the posts I've seem of those that have retaken the exam they had done much better with really high scores.


                    For example see: VCP 310 Exam



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                      mrubalcaba Novice


                      I'm with you on this.  I failed the VCP... TWICE!!!



                      I consider myself HIGHLY skilled w/ my VMWare product; however, I think I know my mistakes:



                      1)  I designed, deployed, and manage (daily) a vSphere 4 environment (from scratch - production datacenter) - this includes the migration of DNS/DHCP/ AD/ Exchange just to name a few servers



                      2)  I took the only VMWare classes offered to me (last year) VMware VI3 Install and configure and then followed up w/ Deploy secure analyze (there were no 4 classes obviously, since 4 wasn't out)



                      3)  I studied my VI3 books, but it's obvious I am not very good at reading questions that have too many words... like... which is the least likely to negatively hurt the bad things that aren't needed.... (an exageration, but really - what is the point in over-complicating a question?).



                      At any rate, I am HIGHLY disappointed (not so much at myself as I am the the whole testing/class taking requirement scheme).  I happened to be planning my design and deployment for my company and just before launch, vSphere 4 came out.  I opted to go with newer technology and it seems I've hurt my own certification :|  I'll eventually pass it, but missing it by just a few points each time is very discouraging.  And having to study outdated technology simply because I can't test VCP4 w/o my VCP3 seems ridiculous to me (I know it's about the money for VMWare).



                      Hopefully the 3rd time is a charm.



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                        AndreTheGiant Guru

                        Somebody has fail also 2 time... the 3rd is the good one


                        But be sure to make some lab with VI3.5.

                        You can virtualize ESX 3.5 over ESX 4, and VC 2.5 could be a simple VM.


                        For study material and note see also:

                        Currently reviewing for the VCP 3 and need all PDF's...

                        Study recomendations for VCP

                        VCP 310 Exam