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    How to Migrate VirtualCenter to Another ESX Host?

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      Here is my situation and what I want to do:



      We currently have 6 ESX hosts ESX01, ESX02, ESX03, ESX04, ESX05, ESX06



      The first 4 are licensed for Vmotion and last 2 are not.  These are all Dell PowerEdge 1855 Blade servers, ESX05 is the newest one and it's a dual 3.6Ghz CPU setup with 16GB RAM and all the others are dual 3Ghz CPU w/ 4GB RAM.  We have some other new ones that match the specs of the that 3.6Ghz one so want I'm wanting to do is migrate everything off of ESX04 onto ESX05 then swap out ESX04 with one of the faster blades like I did with ESX05 already.  Now the only problem I'm facing in doing this is I have migrated all the VMs off of ESX04 but the remaining one is VirtualCenter as we have that in a VM.  I cannot figure out how to get this off of ESX04 and moved to ESX05 since ESX05 doesn't have a Vmotion license and we can't buy anymore, and I obviously can't shut it off then right click it in VirtualCenter and migrate it like I did the others since shutting it down will kill off VirtualCenter. 



      So my question is, with our setup, how can I get this VirtualCenter VM migrated over to ESX05?



      My other option is I could simply shut ESX04 down and swap out the CPUs and RAM in that ESX04 with the faster CPU and more RAM but I'm not sure if that would be OK to do and maybe that would just be more simple?



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          tdubb123 Master

          why cant you just shut it down. Then open VI CLient to the ESX host and power VC back on.

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            Marcelo Soares Virtuoso

            My advice (just like the above one): enter on your ESX04, that is running the VC, directly with the vi client, shut the VC VM down, remove it from inventory, enter in the target ESX05 also directly with vi client, add it to inventory (by browsing the datastore where it resides and right clicking on the VC VM ".vmx") and this I really think is the only way to do that. Well - you can license your ESX as evaluate mode to have VMotion enabled just temporarily, but I don't know if you are still in the evaluation period.

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              DarkOneX Novice


              See I thought maybe I could do that but for some reason when I try to use VI client to connect into the hosts directly it says this error:



              Error Connecting VMWare Infrastructure Client could not establish the initial connection with server "esx04". Details: the server could not interpret the communication from the client.



              I can connect to the 1 test ESX 3.5 host I'm running just for testing purposes this way but cannot connect to any of the 2.5 hosts this way, should I be able to?  Any ideas why I can't?  I will do some searching in the meantime to see why this may be happening.






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                DarkOneX Novice

                My searching came up with nothing helpful. A few places said to add :8333 after the host name or IP when trying to connect and that didn't help. Can't find anything when searching for this error in these community forums either. :_|





                Here is another question then. Could I simply shut down that ESX04 and swap out the CPU and RAM in it and bring it back up without having to reinstall or reconfigure anything? Basically all I'm wanting to accomplish here is make ESX04 a more powerful host because we bought 5 more PowerEdge 1855 servers but these have 4X the RAM and 600Mhz faster CPUs than the existing hosts. So since these are all PowerEdge 1855 blades with Xeon CPUs could I just swap out the 3Ghz CPUs from ESX04 and put in the 3.6Ghz ones and then swap out the RAM from 4GB to 16GB and everything be hunky dory?

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                  DarkOneX Novice

                  OK I did some experiementing on a test VM and then did it on VirtualCenter VM and got it moved over, ran into some little quirks in doing so but it appears to be all back in order. What I did was shutdown the VirtualCenter VM and then opened up the ESX04 MUI and unregistered the machine in there. Then I used WinSCP and moved the VMX files for that VM over to ESX05 and then in the ESX05 MUI I added a new VM and pointed it to the VirtualCenter VMX and VMDK files and fired it up. The problems I ran into in doing this was when I started it from the ESX05 MUI, it said it was running but I couldn't access it or ping it. I finally checked our DHCP server and found it grabbed a DHCP address so I was able to then get into it, upgrade the VM Tools through the MUI and then changed the IP back to it's original static IP address.





                  Then after that was all done I swapped the hard drives and fiber channel HBA from the old blade and put into the new more powerful one and fired it back up and it came back up just as it was except with more horsepower w00t! Thanks guys!

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                    look if it help http://www.esxguide.com/esx/content/view/73/17/




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