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    Host battery status alarm

    SirOracle Novice


      I have installed ESXi4 on some servers and they all come up with an alarm in vCenter:

      Status: Warning

      Name: Host battery status


      These are all Dell PowerEdge 2950 servers. Does anyone know what this alarm means? Could this be a bug and should I disable this alarm?

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          1905 Novice



          We have the same problem on hardware FUJITSI SIEMENS PRIMERGY BX620 S4.

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            TAMW Enthusiast

            We have the same. This is not a bug. Sometime this alarm is triggerd but it always goes back to green after a while (few hours).


            From time to time the hardware wants to check te battery of raid BBWC en then you get the waring.



            You also get the warning the battery is simply charging.

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              SirOracle Novice

              If what you say is correct and this is not a bug, I will disable this alarm. I can't go in every day and check to see if the alarm is just about the battery charging, I will end up ignoring the alarm sign on the hosts and miss a real alarm.

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                ufo8mydog Enthusiast


                Hi SirOracle,



                We did not have any issues on ESX3.5 (on our PowerEdge 1950's), once we installed Vsphere two of the hosts had this weird phantom alarm that we could not shake.



                A polite staffer from VMWare Global support told me that it was something they were aware of internally, so If I were you I would just disable that alarm until further notice.



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                  jiths Enthusiast

                  It is the alert generated from ESX CIM layer for your internal storage Controller BBU (Battery Backup Unit). I never seen this issue much on our servers, so it is not a bad idea to check the Storage Controller battery once.

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                    jasoncllsystems Hot Shot


                    Do you have any Dell OMSA install? Probably you can see more details on OMSA.




                    MALAYSIA VMware Communities



                    CLL SYSTEMS http://www.cllsystems.com




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                      SirOracle Novice

                      All the servers are back to normal now, but it took several days. Under the tab Hardware Status I saw more information about the warning, "Learn cycle requested", not sure what was meant by that, but it all looks fine now.


                      Thanks guyes for keeping me calm while I waited for the warning to go away

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                        devzero Master

                        i have this problem with FSC Primergy RX300 S3, but with ESX4 (not ESXi)

                        Systemstatus shows "Battery Status: Charging"  (Leran Cycle Complete) with a yellow sign for more than 24hrs now.

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                          s1xth Expert
                          VMware Employees

                          I have this same issue (have had this since I deployed my first ESXi back on 3.5 U1)...its all ok. Its just the RAID controller battery going through a 'learn' 'recharge' cycle. I wouldnt worry about it. i have all Dell PE2950's and R710s.

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                            ziolek Novice

                            I have this problem with FSC Primergy RX300 S5 with ESX4. It's very infuriating alarm.

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                              101Chris Lurker

                              It does not seem to be a problem with the communication between ESX and the Dell health report agent or whatever they call it as I first thought.


                              The common denominator between a lot of Dell systems is the PERC6 raid controller. The PERC6 is a re-branded LSI Logic board, which would explain how the same issue appears across different brands of machines.



                              When reading trough the changelog of the latest firmware upgrades for the PERC6 controller, I found this:






                              4. _Corrected an issue where the battery learn cycle delay was not delaying for the right amount of time._



                              So.. that should be it, and was. After I upgraded the PERC6 firmware, my three PE R610 stopped complaining in vCenter.



                              To everyone with this issue, upgrade firmware on your raid controller




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                                s1xth Expert
                                VMware Employees

                                Yeah I saw the same thing too in the changelog, that must be the fix. I am assuming you flash the controllers firmware via the Dell Update disc correct?

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                                  101Chris Lurker


                                  Well, acually, with these Gen11 servers Dell has implemented somthing they call USC.(Unified Server Configurator) and it's a part of iDRAC that connects to a repository and downloads whatever you want to update. So basicly i can remote my machines from the office, reboot it and enter the USC and run firmware and driver updates through that... Now if I only could figure out how to get the backup tapes to run them selves over to the bank im set! :-D



                                  But with older machines i suppose u need a bootable media with the fw files on it as wel. (could be wrong tho)






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                                    ArildS Novice

                                    We have this issue with a new Supermicro H8QM3-2 2041M-32R+B server with an LSI Megaraid 8708ELP SAS controller (with BBU).

                                    Seems to be the LSI controller that causes this (about the same as the PERC6 LSI controller rebranded to Dell).


                                    We run the newest LSI firmware ( and we still get this error message every other day. Even though the battery learn cycle are complete at the moment. Learn cycle repeat every 90 or 120 days if I remember correctly.


                                    This message should not appear so frequently, so either this is a firmware issue where the firmware sends faulty data to ESX or ESX is reporting an error where no error occurs.

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