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    Fresh Install - vCenter Service Status and Hardware Status plugins in vSphere 4.0 client Plug-In Manager not working

    admin@archipelago Novice


      Fresh install of vSphere Server 4.0 with vSphere client.  Separate SQL 2005 DB.



      2 plugins are not working,disabled with almost identical error msgs stated directly in the Plug-In Manager.



      1.) vCenter Service Status -



      The following error occurred while downloading the script from https://primary:8443-3/health-ui/scriptConfig.xml:Unable to connect to the remote Server



      2.) vCenter Hardware Status -



      The following error occurred while downloading the script from https://primary:8443-3/cim-ui/scriptConfig.xml:Unable to connect to the remote Server



      There is no remote VirtualCenter - the box resolves to itself locally (it's name is primary) fine.



      The browser resolves to the vSphere Welcome page if I go to http://primary.



      https://primary resolves to the same page, albeit with a cert error.



      If I install the cert (VMware default cert) into the Personal and Trusted Publishers Store, I still see the Cert error. Hmm.



      If I look in C:\ProgramFiles\VMware\Infrastructure\VirtualCenter Server\extensions, there is a health-ui and cim-ui folder, respectively, each with an extension.xml



      Changing the https to http, or the name to IP (within the .xml files), or bouncing the Virtual Center Server (restarting) does not help remedy the issue.



      Any ideas? 



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