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    Need ESX 2.X SMP and Vmotion Licenses Please

    DarkOneX Novice

      I have a situation hopefully somebody can help me with, which is the same situation I had awhile back and some wonderful person came through for me on this forum.  Our company purchased 6 Blade servers a long time ago and they purchased 6 ESX server 2.X licenses but they failed to purchase Vmotion and Virtual SMP licenses for 2 of them for some stupid reason.  I have a new ESX host I have installed with our last 2.X license but I really need a 2.X virtual SMP license and at least 1 Vmotion license but really would like 2 if possible.  Yes I know 2.5 is old but I'm not ready to migrate to anything else quite yet but really need to get this remaining ESX host going and since you cannot buy 2.X licenses anymore for whatever reason I have nothing else to try except ask for some on this board.  I know some people out there probably still have 2.X licenses that they are no longer using so I would be extremely greatful if I could have them.  Just contact me and let me know please, thanks so much in advance!