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    Vizioncore vs. Veeam  - thoughts?   Am I missing any?

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      Good afternoon. 






      We're in the planning stages of our new vSphere4 build-out.   Hardware is in, storage is in and is being configured as we speak.  (It's almost like Christmas in June)   In preparate for the moitoring - performance reporting portion of this build, I've been researching both Vizioncore and Veeam.   I've been known to miss the completely obvious, so I will ask this just to make sure -- is there another big player in the reporting/monitoring field that I'm missing?   We have a current ESX 3.0.1 build that is doing the basic of the basic (4 filemaker servers, a couple departmental sandboxes, etc) all of which is on local storage, with a NFS mount for clones, templates, etc. so a robust monitoring, reporting tool wasn't required.  We gave the old vRanger (?) product a while ago, and it was so so.  Haven't tried any of the Veeam products yet, but from what I've read, seems to be a bit ahead as of this writing as far as popularity.  



      Has anyone in this group used any of the two vendor's products, specifically the monitoring / reporting ones, but would like to hear your thoughts on all of them. 






      I may have met a few of you at the VMForum 2009 at the Reagan building...    a little too high-level sales pitch rather than a meat and potatoes vSphere4 run-through, which is what I wished it would have been, but that's another discussion for later.....






      Looking forward to meeting everyone at the July 2009 meeting.















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