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    HOW TO: Configure View Connection Manager Server to use existing SSL Certificates

    scnguye2 Enthusiast


      Hello all,



      I purchased a certificate from Starfield Inc. and would like to use it on my View Connection Manager server. I tried the following:



      1. Copy the "locked.properties" file and the certificate "name.p12" from my View Security Server, to the View Connection Manager under "C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View\Server\sslgateway\conf"



      2. Edit the "locked.properties" with the following parameter:









      3. Restart the "VMware View Connection Server" service



      Note sure if this is the correct method. Please provide me with instruction on how to configure the server to use my existing certificate.



      Also, if I am using Wyse V10L thin-client running WTOS, how do I set the V10L to use the certificate?



      Thank you,