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    ESXi 4 - Need to mount disks that were originally ext3

    christr77 Novice


      Please forgive my ignorance, as I am new to VMware.  I have a system with three disks.  I recently installed ESXi, and now I'm wanting to read the data off of the other disks that were originally Ubuntu Linux (ext3).  The primary boot HDD is VMFS running ESXi.  I want to be able to mount those two disks that were originally my Ubuntu system to my Ubuntu VM.  All I need is for the OS to be able to think they are physical devices attached to it, and I can easily set them up from there.  If I try to add these two HDDs to ESXi by going to Configuration / Storage / Add Storage... I can see the disks, and it even says they are Linux, but it only gives me the option to erase the disks and start them over.  That's the last thing I want to do, as the data on them is very important.  From the VM's own configuration I can't find any option to present these devices to the VM.  What am I missing here?  It seems only logical that I should be able to do this.






      P.S.  I wouldn't be surprised if this is a topic that has been brought up before, but I can't find anything on this from my searches.