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    vSphere Client Can't Connect Over SSH Tunnel

    DJRyanJ Novice


      I have a couple of ESX 4.0 servers sitting in a lab on campus, which is usually not where I am.  Typically, I set up an SSH tunnel to connect remotely to my network and forward some ports over the tunnel and connect to things that way.  I do this for a few reasons - 1) my network at work has all of 3 ports open; 22 (SSH), 80, and 443; 2) dumping everything over the SSH tunnel is just far easier and more secure than port forwarding a bunch of ports over the internet; 3) I'm rarely at the lab and working remotely is much better for me.



      I don't have my vCenter server set up as yet, but it's on the todo list.




      When I'm physically in the lab and connect to the IP's of the hosts, I can access things fine with the vSphere Client.  When I try over the tunnel, it tells me I can't connect with a "vSphere Client could not connect to vCenter Server <name>. Details: A connection failure occured (Unable to connect to remote server)".



      I have ports 443, 902 and 903 forwarded to the Service Console IP on the host.



      Would it matter that the VMKernel port is on a separate IP?



      Anyway, any help anyone can offer about getting vSphere Client running over an SSH tunnel would be fantastic. 



      Thanks in advance.






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