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    Standalone converter failed to connect to a local server

    Remsky Lurker


      Hi all,



      I have installed VMware vCenter Convert Standalone 4.0.1 onto a Windows XP box.  My aim is to convert this into a VM on the same machine before re-configuring the machine as a multi-boot with a Linux distro.



      I have various Ghost image backups, but I'd really like to be able to run the VM from within Linux rather than having to reboot.



      When I try to start VM Converter Standaslon 4.0.1 I get an error message stating "Failed to impersonate current user to the converter server"



      I then get a  form to input details:



      IP Address / Name: (I can only choose localhost)



      User name & Password



      but whatever connection details I input I get the following errorr






      I checked the services, and VMware vCenter Converter Server is started






      This still fails even when VMware vCentre Converter Agent is also started.






      Would appreciate any help on this stumble at the first hurdle.



      Thanks in advance,