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      How to install virtual center in windows server 2003, i have a Active directory with a user John.



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          I would suggest starting with the installation guide.  Here are the release notes for vCenter as well.












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            Firstly what version of vCenter are you talking about,



            Secondly you require administrative credental to install as you are creating services etc.



            Thirdly have a read of the install documentation for your desired version.






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              dickybird Hot Shot


              you will need a database for Virtual center SQL server/Oracle. You can choose to work with MSDE (free) if you choose to.



              Create a ODBC connection to the database.



              Install VC application and it should be pretty straighforward.



              After VC is installed add the ESX servers (using fully qulaified domain names) to VC.



              Consult install guide if you still need help