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    VDR: Best Practice to backup VM's on local storage

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      This is not a real world scenario, but more a question for a better understanding!



      Given a configuration with 3 ESX hosts and vCenter (Essentials Plus), no shared storage. The VM's are stored on the local discs of the hosts. Data Recovery backs up on a CIFS share.

      What would be the best practice to minimize network traffic during backup?

      If I install only one Data Recovery appliance, the backup of VM's located on the other 2 hosts would have to cross the network twice. First from the VM's host to the VDR appliance and second from the appliance to the CIFS share. Additionally, since the de-dup is done in the VDR appliance the vmdk's would have to be transferred completely.Correct?



      So I assume it would make sense to install a data recovery appliance on each host and backup the VM's of each host from the specific appliance. In this case I would connect each appliance to a separate CIFS share.

      Does this assumption work. And further more, is it a supported configuration?