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    dvFilter Features

    pbuchmaier Novice


      Hi all



      today I install ESX 4.0 and look to Configuration, Licensed  Features.



      I see new features dvFilter. 



      Do you know what is this and how this features work ?



      In google.com, vmware.com, or http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/key_features_vsphere.pdf  I don't find anything about dvFilter.



      Product Features:

          Up to 8-way virtual SMP

          vCenter agent for ESX Server

          vStorage APIs



          VMware HA ...........



      thanks for answer



      Petr Buchmaier



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          pbuchmaier Novice


          I try and look to logs of ESXi and here is " Loading VMkernel module 'dvfilter' " and dvfilter loaded succesfully






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            dvfilter is VMware's internal working name for the vNetwork Appliance API, which is exposed in vSphere 4 primarily for network security (firewalls, IDS/IPS) through the VMsafe program.  You can see a mention of vNetwork Appliance API in a blog post here from one of our networking managers:






            Apparently the internal name is what ended up showing in the licensing configuration, but that's what it is. 



            Being licensed for this item enables you to use a VMsafe-enabled network security product when they later ship from Check Point, IBM ISS, Altor Networks, Reflex Systems, Third Brigade, etc. in your vSphere 4 deployment.






            Warren Wu



            VMware Product Management



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              rajanyadav Novice

              Hi Warren,


              Which ESXi license is needed for me to have dvfilter and serialuri features enabled?


              Also, does it matter what vCenter server license I have?