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    how to install vmkfstools

    dbutch1976 Hot Shot


      Hi everyone,



      Another newbie question:  I am trying to use vmkfstools from the SSL console to convert a virtual appliance so that I can use it on my ESX server.  Every time I try to run:



      vmkfstools -i



      I get the error:



      bash: vmkfstools: command not found

      # vmkfstolls



      Question1:  Do I need to install this program?  I thought it was part of the base install...?



      Also, could someone help me with the syntax of the command?



      vmkfstools -i <folder>/<filename>.vmdk <vmhba number>:<filename>dsk



      Question 2:  What is a vmhba number???  How do I find it out and do I really need to enter it??



      Question3:  I assume that <filename>dsk is the output name of the new file...  correct?



      Thanks in advance for your help.