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    another networking question

    aaron_sf Novice


      ok so i have flash media server running on my windows xp fusion bootcamp vm ... bridged mode.... static IP ... same subnet as the host Mac Pro and all my other machines. All firewalls off.



      I have a flash player in a swf file... that takes an rtmp://  url to the flash server and streams a movie.



      if I run the swf from the mac pro, it works fine.



      if I run it from my laptop, which is on the same subnet as the mac pro and the bootcamp vm, it does not.



      any thoughts?









      Mac Pro 8-core 4TB HDD 32GB RAM



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          WoodyZ Guru

          If you run Boot Camp natively can the Notebook access the Flash Media Server?

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            aaron_sf Novice

            correction: yes it works fine natively.... (I hadn't noticed that after reboot to native XP, the static ip assigned to the vmware adapter went away and was 'hidden' by windows, and the two physical NICs were assigned ip's via DHCP as usual... pointing my client player to the physical NICs worked fine... with dynamic and static IP's in the same subnet....  so just the vmware adapter looks fishy)












            Mac Pro 8-core 4TB HDD 32GB RAM