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    Failover with VM Network not working

    JasonVmware Hot Shot


      Hello All,




      I currently have a setup like the following:




      Service Console  - vmnic0  -  set to failover for Vmkernel

      Vmkernel - vmnic2 - set to failover for Service Console




      Vmnetwork - vmnic1, vmnic3 - Route by oringinating Port ID




      Now when I pull the network connection out of vmnic1 to test the failover for the VM's it doesn't failover ? shouldn't vmnic3 failover for vmnic1 if it fails untill vmnic1 comes back online? I tested it the other way by pulling the cable on vmnic3 as well same result.  All the vm's on the ESX server are assigned to a specific nic as it should with oringinating port ID however I was under the impression that the nics would failover for each other in the event of a failover ?