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    Administrating ESXi from MacOS X

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      Is it possible to perform administration of ESXi from MacOS X? I.e. is there a VMWare Infrastructure Client for MacOS, or are there any other way to do it?

      I do have VMWare Fusion on my Mac, so I do see the posibility to install Windows in that, and the Infrastruture Client in Windows, although I would like to go more native than that.


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          at this moment there is no native client for Mac OS.

          and since you are using ESXi, webaccess isn't an option either because webaccess is only available in the full blown ESX version.



          So you have to run Windows in a vm on fusion and install the VI client inside. That is the way I use it too.



          Hey!.... that was exactly the reason why i had to install windows on my mac. LOL



          Luckily I have fusion too, so I dont have to use bootcamp.




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