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    How to reset VM snapshot power state?

    blackpuma Hot Shot


      I moved a (large) VM from my MacBook Pro (running the latest Fusion) to an older dual Athlon workstation running the latest Workstation version. I want to clone two snapshots to new VMs, but everything is greyed out. I assume that the snapshot needs to be in a "power off state"? 



      None of the snapshots will resume, or "Power On to BIOS" because of incompatible CPU features. If I try, it says "Restoring state..." then gives  the error "The virtual machine you are attempting to restore is using the NX/ED CPU feature, but your host does not support it"



      I can't figure out how to get the snapshots to a "powered off"

      state. It takes a long time to transfer the VM and would rather not

      transfer again.