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    Windows has detected an IP address conflict - Windows 2008 Host

    rhoodman Lurker

      I have installed VMware Server 2 on a Windows 2008 Small Business Server. The motherboard is a SuperMicro X7DVL-E motherboard running 2 Xeon E5420 processors and 24GB of memory. The motherboard has 2 built in GB NICs. The LAN driver is Intel 82563/82575 EB G-bit LAN Driver for Windows. I have created a Windows 2003 Std x32 machine and is accessing both host NIC's. VM tools is using the VMware accelerated AMD PCNet adapter. The NIC both the host and the Windows 2003 machine are using access the internet via a Cisco ASA 5505. The other NIC is connected to our local LAN. All IP's on both the host and VM machines are static IP's and the VM machine is using a bridged connection. When I bring up the VM machine the host keeps getting the error message " Windows has detected an IP address conflict". This is only happening on the NIC which is connected to the ASA 5505. I never have received this error on the LAN side. All IP's address have been checked for dups and the NIC's on both the host and VM machine have been deleted and re-added. I have not been able to find a solution for this. Can anyone help?