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    Best way to move a VM to another datastore?

    MrSpock77 Enthusiast

      Hi, everyone!


      I have tried several ways to move a VM from one local datastore to another local datastore on the same host, but finally I reinstalled the VM from scratch. This is what I did:


      1. I used the Move-VM cmdlet in VI Toolkit, but that didn't work without a VMotion license. The VM was powered off, so I supposed it should work without VMotion.


      2. I copied the VM files with Veeam FastSCP, and that worked quite well, but then I read that copying vmdk's may degrade performance as fragmentation occurs when copying large files.


      3. According to some posts I should use the Remote CLI command "vmkfstools.pl - i" to avoid fragmentation. Unfortunately, I didn't get that script working.


      4. Finally I tried VMware Converter, and that did work although the process was painfully slow. When I powered on the VM from its new location, there were a few changes I didn't like. The NIC had changed and the MAC address too. There were a few other options available about changing states of services and removing restore points etc, but I didn't want to change anything. I did a binary comparison on the moved vmdk and the original original, and they were NOT identical. I have no idea of what changes got applied to the vmdk. I want full control and having Converter performing changes to my OS installation doesn't feel good. This isn't a conversion, it's just a move.


      So... How can i move a VM without making changes to my guest OS? I want to keep my NIC and all other settings in the guest. What is the proper way of doing this?