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    Using WinDbg symbol files

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      1.  Install WinDbg inside the guest.  You will need to generate symbol files from the guest since this is the Windows version you will be hooking vprobes to.


      2.  Create a local or remote symbol server per Debugging Applications for Microsoft .NET and Microsoft Windows  Part I, Chapter 2 and run the following command from the WinDbg folder:



      cscript ossyms2.0.js \\symbols\path



      This will take some time to complete and you should end up with a couple gigs of modules and their PDBs.


      3.  Run WinDbg in local kernel debugging mode on the guest and issue the following command, replacing <modulename> with an actual module name:


      x <modulename>!*



      4.  Save the output from WinDbg: Edit &gt; Write Window Text to File


      5.  Place the saved file in the guest datastore directory.


      6.  Stop the guest.


      7.  Edit the VMX file to include


      vprobe.enable = "TRUE"
      vprobe.guestSyms = "symbolFile.TXT"



      8.  Start the guest.


      9.  Issue the vprobeListProbes command to view your imported events.


      The attached probes.txt file contains all my events with the NT module imported.  nt.txt is the file I am importing with vprobe.guestSyms.  I am not sure if this will be a problem but the event names look like:





      instead of




      Any insight on this?




      This looks like an issue with our internal parsing logic for windbg-style symbol text files. Try adding a "0`" (w/o the double quotes) to each of the lines and you should see the full, intact probe names.



      I will check this out and post my results...