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    ESX 3.5 P2V Solaris 10 Sunfire X4100

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      Hey everyone,



      I just recently joined the forums, have been lurking for a while, however i'm in the midst of finishing up my DR project and the last two pieces rely on migrating 3 physical servers to my ESX farm.  2 are windows servers 2003 servers which I am fairly comfortable with using VMWare converter to do, however i'm very reluctant to try this with my sunfire x4100 solaris 10 box.  I've been scouring to find some documentation for this.  I've checked the guest os guide and my version, 8/07 is supported.  Does anyone have an recommendations for this? I've been reading about cold migrations, how does that work?  I was going to do a test run and point converter at the source and try a go at it.  The one thing that confuses me is the SCSI support in ESX, are there any caveats that  I can expect, also can I damage or take down the production solaris box while the converter is doing the migration? Any thoughts or suppot would be appreciated! Thanks in advanced.