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    Importing Workstation forces Activation

    MMazurkiewicz Novice

      I have just upgraded to a new workstation at my office and made an import image of my old one before I wipe the drive when we get rid of it in case I missed anything.  When I try to start the VM of the old machine on the new workstation I get a message that I need to activate the XP build on the VM.  The build was a part of our volume license, which I can key in the volume license and/or the activation code from the side of the machine and in both cases I get a message saying that the code in invalid.  I've double and triple checked the codes so know that they are correct.  In the mean time I can't get past this activation screen to do anything in the VM image of my old system so the VM is pretty much useless to me at this time.  Why does the activation need to be reset and how can I get this VM to work?  Both host and guest are running XP SP3.  Part of the reason we purchased site licenses was for the ability to import workstations.  We planned on using this feature to import user workstations that were having problems that needed troubleshooting instead of kicking the person out of their computer while we worked on the machine.