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    VM permission to allow only mounting of an iso in local datastore.

    jwnchoate Enthusiast


      I have a set of limted users who are only given the 'power options and media' permissions to their specific VM's and nothing else.  They can get to do what they need; however, I have a need to let them edit the cd settings and mount an .iso file directly out of the local datastore on the esx host.



      They also get permission denied when its set to "Client Device" and hit the button to mount their local CD.



      I would prefer to mount the .iso from the 'Datastore ISO file" but it would suffice to get the "Client Device" working.



      I have tried to give datatstore browse and modify device settings but they do not ungrey the browse next to the mounting of iso file.  Manual type in doesnt work either.  I still want to limit them without giving administrator access.