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    Using Java, Jython (Python) to manage your vCenter/ESX/VI

    Steve Jin Expert


      If you use Java or Jython, then the VMware sponsored open source Java API is available for you. It's much easy to use and the LOC is much smaller.



      I just released 2.0 which includes a new high performance web service engine -- 15 times faster in loading, 4+ faster in serialization/de-serialization than AXIS. The project is under BSD license, so you are free to redistribute your application without asking your users to download AXIS, which could be a pain point in marketing your products.



      Jython support comes as free, check out the presentation:






      Steve JIN, VMware Engineering

      Creator of VMware Infrastructure Java API: http://vijava.sf.net/

      VI Java API 2.0 --- 15 times faster than AXIS in loading, 4+ faster in deserialization; only 1/4 of the size required by AXIS. More importantly freedom to redistribute your applications.

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