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    Interesting "Issue" with ESX 3.5 and Raw Devices

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      I ran into an issue today I wanted to share with everyone (assuming people are still frequenting the board here). We've VM'd our Domino Mail servers and that has gone surprisingly well so far, and each of those servers has several raw device mapped luns that were swung over from the physical box when we converted them. I got a call from one of our SAN admins asking if we were using a specific LUN on ID x. I got to looking around and didn't see an easy way to view what servers were assigned what Raw LUN other than looking through the .vmx files or viewing the properties of each VM indepently. Since I know when you go to add a raw device to a VM only the devices that haven't been assigned to VM's show up I thought there would be a place on the ESX servers that had the mapping of raw device to VM, but according to VMWare support that isn't the case. So I was wondering if anyone else had ran across that and had found a way to find that info without having to dig through each VM.



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          A reply from VMWare Support:


          In order to find the VM mapped to a LUN from the command line, you will have to do the following:





          • Search all VMs having rdms (using either find or grep)




          • Run vmkfstools -q rdm_mapping_file (this will provide the mapped LUN for the VM)


          The FLAT file == rdmp.vmdk



          Descriptor file stays the same



          -rw------- 1 root root 206158430208 May 21 2008 NewVM_1-rdmp.vmdk



          -rw----- 1 root root 369 May 22 2008 NewVM_1.vmdk <--

          mapping file



          Even this doesn't get anywhere close to what I want to do. It doesn't tell you what RDM or device even that the rdm came from. You might be able to tell based on the rdmp file or rdm file but they are in use when the VM is on, and that might be the kicker, you add a hard drive to a VM when it's on so you might not be able to query the information while it's on as well. Just thought I'd share


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