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    "The session is not authenticated" when trying to convert VMWare Server machine to Infrastructure Machine

    keninem Novice

      The image was a Linux P2V conversion... I didn't have my ESXi server on the same network, so I just used the bootdisk from Converter 3.0.3 to create my virtual image(RHEL 4), and now I am trying to use converter 4 to convert the image from Server to the ESXi server.  When I do a "Convert", I select "VMware Workstation or other VMware virtual machine" choice, browse my virtual machine .vmx file.  On the next screen I choose "VMware Infrastructure Virtual Machine" in the drop down and put my server's information, including password, in the boxes below.  I click next and that works fine, it connects.  From there I leave all the defaults and click next...immedietely at the top of the window I get "The session is not authenticated."   I didn't find anything with the search function, apologize if I missed something.  Anyone else encountered this?

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